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Successful Trainer

One of the most important things to do is claim gyms. Once had, they need to have their Prestige raised. This is best done with a monster of lower Combat Points than the lowest tier in the gym. But, pulling off this task for the most boost can result in a lot of fainting and lost revives. This scans through every monster and tells which levels they should be at to be able to succeed.

About the Finder
Pick a Pocket Monster to serve as a gym defender. Set its level and abilities.
Click [Figure] when all variables are set.
The entire catalog of monsters and their move lists will be compared against this monster.
The best choices to use when training against the selected guard and their levels will be displayed along with the earned prestige.
This will allow you to pick the best monster for the job and -- hopefully -- save some Revives.

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Last Modified - February 23rd, 2017 | Established - September 30th, 2016