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Kirby Rants & Raves

There's a lot of stupid things in this world and, unfortunately, the Kirby series isn't free of them. Here, a sharp wit and sharper tongue shreds this follies or exposes them for what they are. That's right, I'm rantin' specifically against a franchise about a marshmallow that lives on a star-shaped star full of candy and rainbows. In my time at Kirby's Rainbow Resort as head of the Ask the Kirby Gurus, my opinion became highly sought after. The short answer format grew too small to grasp the scope of some highly debated questions. So, this is my collection of works from that era lost. Hey, if I have my Pokémon fan fictions on the site, I might as well give these babies a home.

Meta Knight: Why We Loved Him, Why I Hate Him - A complete digestion of the rise, transformation, and fall of the reknowned fan favorite.

Marx is the Sucx - A breakdown on the oh-so pointless and worthless boss of Super Star.

Kirby: Throwing It Right Back At Ya - Defining not only why I hate it but why it hates us.

Brought to You by the Letter E - Taking gits back to grade school with basic reading education.

Through the Looking Glass - All you should have already known about Mirror World.

Without Further Ado - A painter pairing perdicament and identity crisis solved.

Failed Fandom - Leave it to the professions. Please. For the love of Glod.

Spinning a Yarn - Opinions fly regarding the newly announced new title. So, here's some good thoughts.

Weee! Kirby! - After many long years, first opinions on the first true Kirby title for the Wii.

For Those of You Who Didn't Know - My official sign-off to The Resort.

Since March 31st, 2012