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24 Years
East Lansing
United States

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Classical, instrumental, classic rock, rock, grunge, metal, progressive rock, symphonic metal.
Godzilla, Gamara, Mothra
There and Back Again, The Dragon Knight series, Rumbl-o-Rama
Bimblesnaff's Details
Status: Single, now and always
Here for: No reason
Body type: 6' 0" / Lich lord
Ethnicity: Hispanic (shocked me, too)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Children: I'd kill myself first
Education: College graduate
Are yous a robit? Yes!
Squeaky Bogg

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About me:
I am a horribly cynical, heartless, cold blooded, hate filled, biting, cruel bastard riddled with more psychopathic conditions than I can count, and those are my endearing aspects. Currently, I attend college for a field that is in no way within affiliated with creative endeavors but engineering of all things despite, oddly enough, spending nearly all of my free time drawing or writing. So I guess that makes me an artist. Note, that's "ar-tehst", not "ar-teest." Saying you're an "arteest" is just another way to say you're a jackass. What type of engineering, did you not ask? Why, biomedical, figment of my imagination.
Frederick Greenborne, Jack Edward Daws, Shadrick Hopkins, Joseph E. Bean, Shane L. Cantu
Planetary conquer, enslavement of humanity, destruction of- wait, scratch that. I meant friends. Yes, friends, puppies, and lollipops. Nothing evil...
Current Stint:
For some reason, probably a combination of blood loss and sugar overdose, I've decided to look up people I haven't seen or heard of for eight years. I'd like to think its some sort of nostalgia scavenger hunt to see how many names I can remember the spelling of. Also, it's always hilarious to see how many Catholic school students hit rock bottom. Of course, it's only funny since I'm a sadistic bastard.
Internet Dealings:
Sprawls of a Lunatic - My artwork, should that term even apply
Not Quite Heroes - My web comic about bumbling heroes and villains
Pebu Store - The only place to buy Peanut Butter Monster items
Lair of Mad Goblin - My core website
Reality's End - Full o' games and crap
Bother Me:
AIM- Bimblesnaff
Y!M- BeanyJoe
MySpace, LiveJournal, or Blog Handle- When hell freezes over and becomes a kitten
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