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Alchemy Draft Card Game

A cluster of magi test their magical mettle against one another by crafting the most cunning spell to best one another.
Click to play a card, putting it in your queue for that round. That's really it.
The Cards
Icons on each card represent their function.
Blast (red burst) increase the amount of close damage.
Arrow (green dart) raise the amount of range damage.
Guard (blue shield) reduce the amount of enemy damage, both forms.
Stacks of icons (any type) work as multipliers, increasing the amount each icon is worth later.
Cards are dealt out, a hand to each player. Each one selects a card and passes the hand to the next player. This continues until all cards are spent. There are three rounds of play total.
As cards are played, the amount of attacks and defensive powers increase. Earlier cards affect the values of later plays.
The two nearest players are hit with the close attack value while the furthest receive the range attack value.
The damage is reduced by the single defense score of each player.
The total damage caused to each player is added together, as is the amount of damage received from each player.
The highest scoring player is awarded three points, the second highest gets two, the lowest scorer earns nothing, and the remainder get one. In case of ties, all tied players earn that tier of points.
Furthermore, a flawless round earns a bonus point while copious amounts of harm earn a penalty, one for every ten (or two for each player).

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