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Bone Lords of the Plague War

The above is a mock-up to a thought-up card game. Making up cards to test the idea is too labor intensive, and I thought it would be easier to simply code a digital version. Horrible nightmarish generals abuse and torment underlings to amass more power.
It's a bit sparse and cryptic but... it was designed mostly for my personal usage.
Click to play a card, with two usable a turn.
That's really it.
The Cards
Icons on each card represent their function.
Health (pink heart) represents the amount of damage a Bone Lord can sustain.
Wound (green splat) shows the damage inflicted upon a Bone Lord.
Might (blue bolt) shows the staying power a Bone Lord commands.
Fear (orange eye) represents the fleeting power a Lord has over the land.
Soul (yellow ghost) accounts for the minions drawn to a Bone Lord.
Corpse (purple bones) depict the number of killed minions lingering in a domain.
Each player gets to perform two actions a turn.
Purchasing a Bone Card does not count as an action as the newly acquired card will probably be used.
At the start of each player's turn, there is a chance that they will be stricken by Plague, depending on the number of Corpses in their domain.
A Bone Lord's power will attract new minions. One is drawn per two Might or Fear. One point of Fear is also lost when this happens.
There are two ways in which the game can end: dominance or outlasting.
If a player is able to secure ten minions to their domain, they achieve greatness.
Otherwise, if all other Bone Lords succumb to plague and die, the last Lord standing claims triumph.

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