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Box Blaster 3-D

You are the guardian of -- I dunno -- the Tube Shaft. Attack comes from, who am I to know? The Bad Boxes? Charge up the defense turrets and blast a laser down down the tunnel. It's a skill based puzzle-shooter, people, not a book. Don't expect a story.
Left-Click upon any of the dotted boxes lining the rim of the shaft. This charges the turret.
Click a second turret (that is on a different side) to channel a beam between the two points.
Space or Enter reset the game after a game over.
The game was designed for use with a touch-screen, but I have yet to evaluate it on such.
Boxes fly up from the bottom of the shaft to the top.
Click two turrets to shoot a beam between the two points.
The beam will travel down the shaft charge and break up any boxes that it collides with.
Until the beam returns, tht turret point may not be used to launch another beam.
Each round, a series of attacks are made against the player, gaining speed each time.
After ten rounds, the speed resets but an addition box is added to the barrage.
If a box is not destroyed before reaching the end, a miss is earned. Three misses, and it's game over.
For every fifty boxes destroyed, a miss will be deducted -- so long as your shooting is evaluated as accurate.

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