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Prototype War Relic

The above is a mock-up to a thought-up card game. Making up cards to test the idea is too labor intensive, and I thought it would be easier to simply code a digital version. Different armies use treasure, troops, and towers to fight over possession of ancient ruins.
It's a bit sparse and cryptic but... it was designed mostly for my personal usage.
Click to drag or choose cards during the phases.
Mouse Wheel to change the selected player or battle phase. Arrow keys or WASD do this as well.
Space and Enter advance the play phase.
The Cards
Icons on each card represent their function, upwards to three.
Soul represent how many Gear or Rook icons a player can have in their army. They appear on green cards.
Gear represent an army's fighting power, randomized each battle. They appear on red cards.
Rook represent a static battle power, but are harder to implement. They appear on blue cards.
Blade increase power in a skirmish, which determines victory.
Guard increase defense against damage, lessening losses.
Lock enable and raise ranged attack strength.
Scroll enable and raise magic use, which casts spells.
Phase 1: Draw Cards - three cards are dealt out to each player.
Phase 2: Trade & Ally - a card may be traded to another player in return for another; doing so creates an alliance.
Phase 3: Placement - assign cards from the hand to the stronghold for use.
Phase 4: March Armies - choose the location that troops will attack or defend.
Phase 5: Battle - square off against opposing armies at a location and select spells.
Phase 6: Casualties - discard cards according to damage received.
Phase 7: Victory - receive points based on battalions routed and excessive resources had.
Dice are rolled per Gear icon in someone's army with the following faces: a loss, two blank, two success, or a double.
The base power of a Fortress is the sum of a player's Rook icons.
The base power of either is modified by the other icons on cards: blue cards add to the Fortress while red and green add to the Relics.
Clicking on the elemental icons casts the respective spells if enough magic was obtained.
Ranged occurs first. Each army suffers the highest opponent barrage and receives damage over a faction's highest defense.
Attack follows, victory going to the highest value. Damage is lessened by defense, but at least one wound will be scored.
Spell List
Fire - increase own attack
Force - increase own defense
Thunder - provides a ranged of 3
Acid - decreases enemy defense
Magic - cancels any spell casting
Sonic - decreases enemy attack
Light - decreases enemy ranged
Wind - increases own ranged
Ice - provides a defense of 3
Shadow - cancels any ranged usage
Poison - provides an attack of 3
Dream - cancels any attacks

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