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Try to clear the board in as few moves as possible. Every time you click a shape, all connected like shapes vanish as well. Additionally, any adjoining colors that are reactive to the clicked color vanish. After each action, the remaining colors spill outward, giving more connections for future moves.
Left-Click upon any shape to activate that color cluster. It will react in the four cardinal directions with any shape.
Right-Click to re-center the board at that location.
Double-Click anywhere to start a new game with a new board.
When a tile is clicked, it will react with the tiles above, below, and to the sides.
When a tile reacts with an identical color, it chains with it, causing another set of reactions.
The board is continuous, stretching from top to bottom and across the sides. Shapes will chain across these boundaries, so re-centering can better view these possibilities.
Each color also has a weakness and will be removed without causing a reaction.
After all reactions settle, the remaining tiles spawn outward into the newly emptied spaces in all four directions.
If a spot is competed for by different colors, the dominant color wins the tile.
If all three primary colors vie for a space, it turns into a Triad.
Fire (red diamond) burns through earth but cannot singe water.
Earth (green square) drinks in water but cannot tame fire.
Water (blue circle) puts out fire but cannot wash away earth.
Triad (white triangle) contains all three elements. It destroys any surrounding color and is destroyed by any reaction.
In the lower right corner, certain game information is displayed.
The first number is the total amount of actions taken to clear the board.
The second number, after the slash, is how many tiles have been cleared.
A standard bout seems to be in the low teens with roughly two-hundred tiles eliminated.
Some boards can be cleared in the single digits. Can you do it?
The capability exists for pre-made boards to be played, not just random.

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