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Cosmic Crashers

Bumper cars in the black beyond! Six space shuttles cruise about and try to take out the others. See how long you can survive in this crazy demolition derby. Guide your ship, the Purple Plasma Pulsar, to victor and the prize -- a new name and paint job?
Left-Click where you want to go and your ship will steer towards that location. It will not instantly turn if targeting behind it, so be prepared for a wide U-turn.
Double Click the game board to start another match.
When two ships crash into each other, they are both damaged. The goal is to outlast all other pilots.
Once a ship is hit five times, it becomes disabled and "grays out". No damage is incurred when hitting these.
Whenever struck, a barrier temporarily appears to protect that vessel from further harm. However, non-shielded ships can still be damaged by you.
Each other colored vessel has a unique speed and turning abilities which stay throughout all games, but their hunting behavior changes each time.
Drive past the edge of the game screen to warp to the other side.

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