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Prototype Dungeon

The above is a mock-up to a thought-up card game. Making up cards to test the idea is too labor intensive, and I thought it would be easier to simply code a digital version. The basic concept is laying out corridors with limited connections possible.
Left Click to place down an appropriate card into the grid. The orientation indicator displays where the "stub" will hang over. This will also move the player.
Right Click to place down a special end room when there are no possible other connections to make.
Mouse Wheel to rotate the selected card: up for the color, down for the orientation.
Left, A, and 4 shift the chosen color left; right, D, and 6 shift the color right.
Down, S, and 5 shift the chosen orientation left; up, W, and 8 shift the orientation right.
Space and Enter refresh the card cache at the cost of some of the player's score.
Cards are placed down to continue the halls of the labyrinth.
When a card is placed, that color is removed from selection. When only one card choice remains, the others are restocked.
Each card has a "stub" at the bottom that prevents placement of cards in the area.
Technically, a player is only supposed to place cards joining from a card placed prior to or during their last turn.
Furthermore, a card is only supposed to be placed within five cards from the last card that player placed, requiring a "movement" through previously placed halls to reach new territory.
A point is earned each time a card is added to the dungeon.
If a placement joins together an already explored hallway, an additional point is earned.
If a placement matches "stubs" with a previous placement, a treasure room is discovered, worth additional points.
Each possible color combination of stubs offers additional points the first time that pairing is made per player (five points).
Creating an end room generates ten points, fifteen if it matches a stub in its placement.
If all four sides are filled with cards, a special square room can be placed into that location.

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