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Hap-Hazard Card Game

I don't know what to say about this one. It's less a game and more of free flowing cards that deal and flip. There's allegedly rules -- none finalized -- but you can just make 'em up, why not? The basis is simple: have one's area clear of hazards (purple and neon cards) at the start of one's turn. How this is done, exactly, is still in morphing detail, hence why there are no real mechanics behind this card game outside of manually moving cards.
Left Click on a card and drag to move a card's location throughout the board.
Right Click on a card to flip it from face up to face down.
Left Click on the board to place a new action card.
Right Click on the board to place a new hazard card.
The Cards
Action Cards (azure) are dealt out and used by the players, two at a time, to manipulate cards in play. They can discard cards from another player's hand, flip or destroy a hazards, or change locations of hazards.
Reaction Cards (magenta) are used outside of a player's turn to alter an action another player has taken. This can change the intended target, cause a mutation to be revealed, or prevent it outright.
Mutation Cards (neon) contain the abominations sought to be cleared in order to win the game. Their backside is purple (face down) while the revealed face is neon (face up).
Cards are dealt out to each player automatically at the start of the game, including both action cards and hazards. The rest is sort of a mix of guessing and interpretation at this point. Pretty tho', I guess.

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