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Kit Bit Fit

Rather than make a good game, I have opted to gut and repurpose the nearly finished Barrack Breaker remake for the purposes of a joke. Happy One-Year, Mrs. Kennedy~! Guide the loveable Kittles through from elevator to elevator, but make sure to avoid the pennies (they'll weigh you down) and stay hydrated!
Arrow Keys move Kittles around, left and right. Double-tap to run (or diagonally downard).
Up jumps into the air. Against a wall, this allows for some amount of climbing -- but not too much.
There are no enemies but thirst. Moving and jumping drain the Hydrometer in the upper corner
Meanies will pelt you with Coins -- unexpectedly! Don't pick them up or you'll get bogged down, becoming slower and less spry.
Water Bottles will replinish the hydrometer so Kittles can continue her rampage.
Goth Syrup casts off acquired funds, making Kittles light again. I shall not elaborate.
Seek the Down Elevator to proceed to the next level.
Also, a not-so-secret editor to make stages.

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