Squeaky Bogg Quill Tie Swear Coffee Mug Controller Barrel

Lick 'n' Lift

To clarify, this was made in about twenty-four hours as part of an inside joke. To elaborate, I regret nothing. To confess, I need help.
Accompany Boogoo, the jolly tongue, on an elevator ride into heckin' Heck. Lick the buttons -- in sequence -- to proceed to the next layer of fiery fun, but don't let the buttons dim!
Direction keys move the tongue in that direction, using either the arrows, WASD, number pad, etc.
Space, R, Ctrl, and Number-Pad-Zero have Boogoo lick at what's before it. This presses the buttons.
Shift, F, and Number-Pad-Plus make Boogoo jump up, which gets over buttons in the way plus helps reach jumpers.
Lick all buttons in sequence to complete the stage.
A counter starts once a button is pressed, and it dims once it expires, needing pressed again.
A lit button can be licked again, but only half the drained timer will get recovered.
The buttons get faster and jump higher as the numbers go up.

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