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Bomb Broomer

One day, I felt like recreating the computer classic with some minor tweaks. Race against the clock to identify all the locations with mi- er, bombs.
Left-Click on a tile to test it. If it is not a bomb, then it will reveal how many bombs lay around it. If completely clear, then the adjoining areas are also tested.
Right-Click on a tile to mark it. There are two labels, round and square, so a type of temporary marker can be placed while assessing danger.
Mouse-Wheel to shift the view up or down. Click the wheel to shift to and from the horizontal axis.
Double-Click anywhere to start a new game with a new board.
Identify all the tiles which contain bombs as quickly as possible.
Deduce where bombs are planted with the indictators surrounding them.
The tokens change when there are more bombs around, gaining more sides and a warmer color.
A purple circle for one, blue lense for two, green triangle for three, yellow square for four, etc.
The board is edgeless, meaning that there are no walls or corners and the focus stays centered to the middle of the board.
The board can be customized by fiddling with some numbers in the URL, the first being #mines and the second #tiles.
Predefined Board Settings
Teddy Bear: 10% Bombs in 150 Tiles
Easy Mode: 15% Bombs in 275 Tiles
Standard Play: 20% Bombs in 400 Tiles
Difficult Mode: 25% Bombs in 600 Tiles
Hardcore Suicide: 30% Bombs in 800 Tiles

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