Squeaky Bogg Quill Tie Swear Coffee Mug Controller Barrel


A round orange fellow who stumbles through an ever shifting room, shooting blocks or climbing over them. This simple venture into a 2-D platforming game on canvas is just that. Plus, I like the animation on Tangelly's walk cycle. Yes, that is his name.
Arrow Keys move the player about, as does WASD and the Key Pad. This moves him left, right, allows him to jump, and drop through thin blocks.
Space and Zero fires out a dart which can break vertical blocks.
Enter cause the scene to repopulate and restart.
Decimal causes the player to relocate but maintains the current configuration.
Hop about the scene and see how many of the blocks can be destroyed.
Circle Block are bouncy and propel the player off from the face touched.
Diamond Block are sharp and inflict damage. Getting hit too much ends the game.
Square Block are rough and slow down movement and descent.

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