Squeaky Bogg Quill Tie Swear Coffee Mug Controller Barrel

Squeaky Bogg Jammer

An adaptation of the Squeaky Bogg Jammer platformer. Run, jump, and spit your way to ... nothing, really. You're just running and spitting to no means.
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Arrow Keys move Bogg left and right. You can also use the number pad (4 and 6) or A and D.
Down will cause Squeaky to squat. This is mirrored with S and the 5 and 2 on the number Pad.
Up makes the li'l bugger jump into the air. The same goes for W and number pad 8.
Space and number pad Zero make Squeaky attack with the selected attack.
Plus & Minus changes the selected attack type.
Enter & Decimal Point changes the current stage since a lot of them can't be left by other means.
Press and hold a direction (double tap) to go into a sprint.
Press into walls and spring off to reach higher areas. Depending on the direction pressed, the leap will be angled differently.
When landing, hold the jump key to spring up higher. Hold down to stifle the bounce.

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