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Retro Top-Down Adventurer

Modeled after classic video games from the golden 80's, this poorly hobbled together mess of quickly doodled sprites tries to capture 8-bit glory without actually being 8-bit. Wander around, discover what's behind that dark corner, and shoot baddies. Sounds like every game ever.
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Arrow Keys move the sprite around. You can also use WASD Keys and the Number Pad. The latter methods also offer quick diagonal movement with use of the appropriately positioned keys.
Space and number pad Zero launch an attack shot, which depletes energy.
Plus & Minus changes the selected attack type between one of six possible weapons.
Escape pauses the game and subsequently unpauses. The P Key does this as well.
Wander about the map to explore it. You can't see around walls or through obstructions like forest.
Enter towns or caves for more maps and more to see.
Encounter bands of enemies roving the world or filling dungeons.
Blast baddies to keep them away, defeat them, and collect power-ups.
Upgrade your weapons and character by cashing in at shops.
Find levers and buttons to open up new pathways.
The Enemies
Various threats fill the world and seek the player out.
In the Over World, contact with a foe proceeds to a battle scene.
On an Inner Map, the player can launch attacks and damage the enemy.
Killing baddies slowly trains each character, increasing their power and skills.
At the end of dungeons, a powerful Boss may be found who is much tougher. They unlock progress to the next map or other fun things.
Display Bar
Messages will appear near the bottom to give various information while you are playing.
Health Meter (squares) tracks damage taken while playing.
Energy Meter (circles) shows attack capability. It recharges over time.
Gem Counter (diamond) displays the treasure collected. These can be redeemed in shops.
Experience Meter only is shown when paused (left bar) and goes up as enemies are defeated. Filling it gains a level for that ally.
Level-Up to increase health, energy, or an attack.
There's multiple characters, enemies, attacks, and dungeons.
This is under development, so more is always coming. Currently featuring: multiple player characters, 17 enemies, 6 giants, 5 mini-bosses, 9 world maps, and 200+ scenes. Plus, a final boss and ending.

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