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Innate Strengths Finder

The three stats -- Attack, Defense, and Health -- have hidden values which are approximated with appraisal. To learn the exact numbers, just enter in a few numbers (or even leave some blank) and get a spread of which combination your monster may fall into.

Estimate Capabilities
Select the appraisal rating of the overall monster and its highest stat to get an idea of what its genes may be.
All verbal ratings are sequential in greatness -- the first being the worst and the last being the highest -- and are based off the sayings of Spark from Team Instinct, clearly the best.
Enter in the Combat Points or Hit Points to help narrow down the possibilities.
The total of the innate values is displayed alongside the percent of the maximum potential -- forty-five.

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Last Modified - January 21st, 2017 | Established - September 30th, 2016