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Pokémon GO Calculators

Did you ever think that a site founded heavily on Pokémon related content would produce future content for the pop-culture craze that has been the mobile phone game? Well, shut up if you did, jerk. This totally came out of left field.

Here is a collection of many different types of calculators I've made in the past weeks. Now, while there are lots of calculators for these purposes across the internet, these were designed since my website doesn't have annoying flash ads that break my computer. That, and probably further functions.

*Note: All information is current to the Gen-4 update with new stats.

Monster Analyzer
Need to know the best move set? Curious where the Combat Points will wind up? Want to know which skills will be more effective against a specific opponent? All that and more? can be discovered by simply plugging in some numbers.
PVP IV Spread
Trainer Battles require a specific set of IVs to get the most for one's investment, and I've easily allowed this to be found out with a handy-dandy script. Because... it is kinda what I do.
Versus Grapher
For a full visualization of a gym battle, pit two monsters one-on-one and track the rise and fall of health and charge. Figure out where the the battle goes awry or by how large of a margin you can scrap by with a victory.
Monster Ranker
Who is the best there is? Which monster can keep hold of a gym, and who is best to storm it? Who can fend off water types better overall? Using the power of math, these answers and more can be brought to light.
Search String
Cut through dozens of monsters by only searching for the CPs of ones that could have perfect (or at least very high) IVs.
Innate Strengths Finder
The three stats -- Attack, Defense, and Health -- have hidden values which are approximated with appraisal. To learn the exact numbers, just enter in a few numbers (or even leave some blank) and get a spread of which combination your monster may fall into.

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