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Versus Grapher

For a full visualization of a gym battle, pit two monsters one-on-one and track the rise and fall of health and charge. Figure out where the the battle goes awry or by how large of a margin you can scrap by with a victory.

The Input
Define the two participating monsters -- attacker and defender -- to participate in the simulated battle.
Check (or uncheck) the Mirror option to disconnect the level of the defender from the attacker.
Select the last option -- [ generic ] -- to figure against an average representation of all types of opponents.
The Graph
All events are charted against time along the X-axis. Each segment represents a ten second interval, spanning the entire one-hundred second time limit.
The Hit Points are represented by the Yellow (siege) and Blue (guard) lines. These start at the upper corner (100% of total health) and decrease as damage is scored.
The accumulated Charges are represented by the Orange (siege) and Azure (guard) lines. These start in the lower corner at empty and raise as damage is absorbed or attacks are delivered. They drop when charge moves are used.
Additional plots can be overlayed atop a previous graph in order to compare two or more battles. Use the Clear button to wipe the slate.
For a tighter view into the battle, the total time can be collapsed from one-hundred seconds to less.

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