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Monster Analyzer

Need to know the best move set? Curious where the Combat Points will wind up? Want to know which skills will be more effective against a specific opponent? All that and more? can be discovered by simply plugging in some numbers.

About the Calculator
Enter the information for the attacker and defender, allowing for even the individual DVs or a rough estimation.
The full stats of the selected monsters are displayed according to their position in a fight. Defending monsters use moves at a slower rate than attacking ones.
Each of the possible moves is listed as well as the damage inflicted against the opponent.
The Damage Per Second is calculated -- mostly -- by dividing the inflicted damage by the time it takes to execute a move. Charge moves have additional DPS listed accounting for the time needed to build up the bar.
For the defender, an additional set (denoted with a "D") shows the damage potential when the attacker dodges some of the charge skills. The more bars a skill has, the more times the attack successfully lands.
Skills preceded with a "!" are legacy moves; the ability can no longer be learned by that monster in the current version of the game.
At the very end is an estimation for how long each monster will take to defeat the other monster given a particular move set.

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Last Modified - January 21st, 2017 | Established - September 30th, 2016