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PVP IV Potential

Figuring out how to maximize the IVs for trainer battles is a hassle, and there's no need for thinkin' when we have computers! Let that overworked wrinkle-meat (Editor's note: ... eeeewww) take a break as some poorly written code does the job for you..

Monster : - Attack-IV : - Defense-IV : - Health-IV :

About the Rater
Dissatisfied with clunkier models, I created my own, light-weight version to figure Great and Ultra League contenders.
Select a monster and enter in what IVs it has to see how it stacks up, listed as the Xth item.
The combinations with the highest stat totals are all thrown out for reference and comparison.
The percentage is calculated against the "worst" potential spread (15-0-0) as the Nth option.

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Last Modified - August 15th, 2020 | Established - August 15th, 2020