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Artwork & Sketches
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Artwork & Sketches
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Not Your Uncle Lou
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Welcome to the domain of madness. Ever since May 30th, 1999, this site was founded as a haven for the hoarded tidbit of my mind, including my writings, rantings, drawings, and comics. This site serves as a central node to all my creative outlets. You are bound to find something that suits your taste, so enter and lose your mind. Sanity is a chore. Why Be Sane?


02/17/13 - In Memorium

This is what my website looked like. I don't believe I've captured any other looks that the site has undergone, mostly because they were either inferiorly designed or coded. This website underwent rapid changes in it's early years but found some semblance of footing in its fourth, back in 2003. It got another polishing a year later, and two years after that, the seventh in 2006, it took on this face. It remained this way for seven more years.

The whole of the time it took for the site to develop this appearance is the time my personal corner of the internet would stay with this layout, color scheme, and set up. That's a long time to go without a makeover, but that's because I like this set up. I'm big into color and side bars. I know a lot of folks are not into this much tutti-frutti flying at there face, but I did web design back when Angelfire was a name people knew. Now, it's all racist: boring and white.

However, I can't expect to stay the same for all time. It is a little hard to read, this vomit green background to all text on the site. I used largely a fixed-width format and pointless sidebar links that, let's face it, no one is really lingering on the site, bouncing around from part to part. It's not a museum where people carouse; it's a fast food joint -- get in, get what you came for, and leave. Well, it's old and dusty like a museum and does archive the fragments of my insanity, but you get my point.

So, I took this snapshot of my website, as it appeared in the ages of year seven to year fourteen. Much like the whole of the site, I don't care if anybody else cares about this. This means something to me. I was sentimental when I lobbed off my locks of two years growth, and this means a lot more to me than hair.